Method Franz Leberbauer

A revolutionary method for regeneration, improvement and preservation of the individual motor desire functionality of humans. This is a correction of the genetic or acquired by injuries and injuries impairment of motor skills. It was developed in 20 years of scientific work under the direction of Mag. Franz Leberbauer and applied in professional sports as well as in the health sector.

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Mag. Franz Leberbauer

Vision & Mission: To make the lifelong system MFL available for pain relief, exercise capacity and performance for everyone. The chance to determine the physical fate itself and to enable the production, improvement and maintenance of motor functionality.


MFL Institutes

In the MFL Institutes Fuschl am See and St. Johann im Pongau you will be treated by trained sports therapists.



Empirical studies show that the Method Franz Leberbauer guarantees relief or healing in almost half of the usual rehabilitation time even for the most difficult injuries and injuries of a general nature. By a regular application, one achieves beside the restoration of the full load capacity also an individual performance optimization. In the prophylactic area, the Method Franz Leberbauer reduces the risk of injury by 50 to 60%.

Pubalgia therapy

We have managed to cure the Pubalgia (pubic bone inflammation) in a particularly short time and thus to minimize the training break. Our treatment method is an absolute novelty and ensures us a unique selling point in this field. Pubalgia is a painful inflammation of the pubic symphysis and nearby structures such as adductors, cervical […]

Ankle & Knee Joint

Through our specific treatment process even the most severe ankle and knee injuries can be restored in record time and full function and resilience can be achieved. The risk of a renewed injury, especially in athletes, is minimized. For conventional treatments, about one third of patients suffer a new injury within 3 years. Even at […]

Back & Shoulders

Complex positioning and functional methods can effectively and sustainably repair even serious injuries and injuries in the back and shoulders. All common back injuries such as disc herniations, muscle strain, spinal compression and vertebral fractures, etc., are functionally stabilized by our method, thereby achieving rapid pain relief and exercise capacity. Especially at the shoulder, as […]

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