Franchise Concept

The Method Franz Leberbauer has been very successfully established in professional sports and health. Now, the principle of success is made accessible to the general public via a comprehensive 3-pillar system and conquers both the national and international market.

3-Pillar Structure alinus gmbh
3-pillar structure of a | linus gmbh

In the license agreement, between the a | linus gmbh and the licensee, all rights and obligations for the franchisee are described and regulated.

The license agreement includes i.a. following contents:

  • a | linus license manual
  • Franchise fees
  • Choice of space & exclusivity
  • Support from the franchisor
  • Confidentiality
  • Duration and duty of operation
  • Portability
  • Costs
  • Attachments

System Protection

The system protection includes all components of the Method Franz Leberbauer (MFL) as well as the company’s corporate identity and corporate design.

Franz Leberbauer’s method is also patent pending as a „Method and Apparatus for Optimizing Body Training“.

Licence Concept

If required, individual licenses or even licenses for several branches with or without territorial protection are offered. Potential licensees are: health centers, hotels, sports centers, therapy centers, businesses, schools, retirement homes and gyms. The training on the Method Franz Leberbauer, a sophisticated institute concept and the accompanying software package with millions of exercise combinations, ensure a successful course of treatment. In the e-business area there is also a web application and an app for mobile devices under development.

Graphic Licence Concept
License Concept of a | linus gmbh

System Implementation

  • Rights of Use & License Basics
  • Know-how transfer
  • Software Access
  • License Manual

Further Education 

  • Basic training – „Coach for Movement-functional Training“
  • Trainings

Scientific Support

  • Scientific Expert Team & System Development
  • Software Survey / Program Delivery


  • Controlling
  • Hotline
  • Human Resources

Additional Information:

Tel: +43 (0)660/670 870 0