Franz Leberbauer


Mag. Franz Leberbauer
      • Studied sports science at the University of Salzburg
      • Medical-therapeutic training at the accident hospital in Linz
      • Development of the sport scientific and therapeutic procedure MFL for the production of the individual motor „desired functionality“ of humans.
        A method for movement-functional training with university certification and patent application.
        A license concept with its own research and development department.
      • Performance-diagnostic and training-therapeutic supervisor of high-performance athletes from almost all sports
      • Academic direction of the training course „Coach for movement-functional training“ at the own academy (also in cooperation with the University of Education Linz)
      • Co-founder of the competitive sports center in the Olympic training center Rif (Institute of Sports Medicine, Institute of Physical Therapy, Institute of Sports Science)
      • Trainer in high performance sports

Vision & Mission

To make the lifelong system MFL available for pain relief, exercise capacity and performance for everyone.

MFL is an opportunity for recreational and high-performance athletes to determine the physical fate and to enable the production, improvement and maintenance of the motor function of the body.