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MFL – Method Franz Leberbauer is the unique, holistic method for therapy, health prophylaxis and sports care.
MFL provides rapid recovery from injury and maintenance of physical activity from early adolescence to old age.
The innovative health concept was developed by sports scientist Mag. Franz Leberbauer and established in decades of practice in high performance sport.

The principle of success

Anyone suffering from a restriction of the movement functionality of the body due to age or injury can be helped by the individually tailored training program.

The a | linus gmbh has the rights of the procedure developed by Mag. Franz Leberbauer and is divided into the following subareas:

3-Pillar Structure alinus gmbh
3-pillar structure of a | linus gmbh

The right combination of exercises:

  • supports the healing process after injuries
  • increases the performance in sports
  • increases the load capacity in everyday life
  • ensures an increase in the quality of life
  • improves age-related musculoskeletal limitations
The basis of the procedure is the motor development of humans.

The basis

At the heart of Franz Leberbauer’s method is the improvement of the motor function of the human body in everyday life, in sport and in regeneration. By optimal motor function we understand the proper joint mobility, the healthy course of the muscle chains and the individual coordination ability.

The goal

A healthy motor function is the prerequisite for freedom from pain, ability to exercise and performance. The Franz Leberbauer method is individual tailored to the needs and the current condition of a person. Functional development, functional production, functional optimization or functional maintenance can be defined as a goal.

The method

The first step in producing the desired motor functionality is the survey of the actual state. The customer is visualized motor correlations and disruptive factors and the individual functional state is graphically represented. Together, the goal of the therapy is defined.

The process

From an exercise database that covers the areas of coordination, static mobilization, dynamic mobilization and strength, an individual training program is created. Based on the goal definition, different therapy plans are assembled from a pool of millions of exercise combinations. The program building on decades of experience and is represented by a specially developed software graphically.


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