In good company

The Method Franz Leberbauer has been used successfully for many years. Numerous well-known personalities, sports clubs and combat teams rely on the highly effective Method Franz Leberbauer.

Empirical studies show that the Franz Leberbauer method guarantees relief or healing in almost half of the usual rehabilitation time even for the most difficult injuries and injuries of a general nature. By a regular application, one achieves beside the restoration of the full load ability also an individual performance optimization. In the prophylactic area, the Franz Leberbauer method reduces the risk of injury by 50 to 60%.

Pubalgia therapy (pubic bone inflammation)

We have managed to cure the Pubalgia (pubic bone inflammation) in a particularly short time and thus to minimize the training break. Our treatment method is an absolute novelty and ensures us a unique selling point in this field.

Pubalgia is a painful inflammation of the pubic symphysis and nearby structures such as adductors, cervical muscles and fascia. It forces the athlete to a break of several months, which is particularly disadvantageous in competitive sports. Sports, where great forces on the symphysis occur, such as football, American football, basketball or tennis are extremely affected. The Pubalgia is considered to be particularly difficult to treat. It is treated with anti-inflammatories, cortisone, infusion therapy and sparing.

Ankle Joint

Through our specific treatment process even the most severe ankle injuries can be restored in record time and the full function and resilience can be achieved. The risk of a renewed injury, especially in athletes, is minimized. Sprains (distorsions) and ligament injuries of the ankle are among the most common injuries ever. For conventional treatments, about one third of patients suffer a new injury within 3 years. Even at later stages, many patients complain of a slight yielding of the ankle, pain during walking and running, slight swelling and a slight instability of the ankle.

Especially dangerous for the band structures of the ankle are sports with frequent quick changes of direction and jumps as well as contact with opponents. Among the sports that are particularly common are injuries such as football, basketball and volleyball.

Knee Joint

The application of our novel method and all empirical experiences, make the treatment process unique. Full resilience in record time can be guaranteed. Above all, active athletes have an increased risk of suffering a knee injury or knee damage such as meniscal tear, cruciate ligament tear, internal ligament tear, etc. Especially chronic overloads of joints lead rather to an early joint wear.

Since knee injuries or injuries are not always easy to differentiate (knee Binnentrauma), an enormous experience in the treatment is necessary.


Complex positioning and functional methods can effectively and sustainably repair even serious injuries and injuries in the back and shoulders. All common back injuries such as disc herniations, muscle strain, spinal compression and vertebral fractures, etc., are functionally stabilized by our method, thereby achieving rapid pain relief and exercise capacity.

The most common causes of back pain are postural stress and functional disorders. Frequent back injuries such as disc herniations, muscle strain, spinal compression and vertebral fractures are the result.


The customized method of correcting the function effectively removes even severe injuries and injuries in the shoulder area. Especially the shoulder as a very complex joint of the human body, which consists of many different anatomical structures, can therefore very easily lead to different types of injuries.

Usually we only become aware of problems in the shoulder when the shoulder joint is involved in almost every movement and movement of our upper body. Because of its extraordinary „construction“, however, it is one of the joints that are particularly prone to injury and overload.